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This $7 Tool Will Change The Way You Wash Your Hair

I don’t know if I’m alone on this but washing my hair has become the chore I least look forward to. I legit rather wash toilets and do dishes, than wash my hair -- I know very intense but very true.

For me, hair wash day usually comes around once a week ( you straight-hair folks are probably grossed out by this but when you have texture in your hair, once a week is all you can manage) and it’s typically an entire event. I end up spending 45 minutes in the shower giving myself a tuneup that includes shaving, exfoliating and deep conditioning.

By the time I get to the hair washing portion of the program, my hands are pruney and my nails are brittle AF. So when I start massaging the shampoo into my scalp, one or more of my nails always break and it’s really frustrating! I’m not sure if I’m the only person who struggles with this but if you are like me and are tired of ruining your beautiful nails, then you need to check this out.

I purchased a seven dollar life-saving shampoo brush off of Amazon after seeing Sam Ozkural rave about it on one of her vlogs. After my initial apprehension, I bit the bullet and ordered the brush which arrived two days later. I used it that same day and boy was I shook! This tiny little brush, that fits comfortably in my hand, worked wonders on my scalp. I legit felt like I was getting my hair washed at a Dominican hair salon.

The shampoo brush left my hair squeaky clean and no nails were harmed in the interim. I am in love with my new shower accessory and highly doubt I’d go back to washing my hair the old fashion way because I am now living in the future! LOL, If you guys decide to take the plunge and try the brush out, please let me know how your experience is with it and if you too break your nails when you wash your hair.

Until next time!

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