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The Best Rosé I've Had This Year Only Costs $5

OK, so this isn't news or anything but if you didn't know, I happen to be a HUGE fan of inexpensive rosé.

I love scouring the wine aisles of my favorite grocery and drug stores for affordable, and delicious, rosé. Shopping for rosé somewhere other than a wine or liquor store can be a little tricky though. For starters, there typically isn't any staff on hand who knows enough about wine, so if you go in confused about what you want to drink, you may get a little overwhelmed with the myriad of options.

Another thing to keep in mind before buying the pink stuff at your local grocery or drug store is, sometimes brands will label any pink wine rosé — especially at the moment because this wine is very IN. So now, let's get to the good stuff. If you happen to find yourself near a Target, run in and make a beeline for the wine aisle (you can go back to the cosmetics and home department once you have all the wine you need).

Once in the wine aisle, keep your eyes peeled for the brand California Roots and peel your eyes even further looking for their rosé. This rosé is crisp, fragrant, dry and best of all, it'll only set you back $5.99, so pick up as many as you can before they run out! I was skeptical at first about how good this wine could possibly be, so I only picked up one bottle — which was a huuuuge mistake!

I'll be making my way to Target ASAP to pick up as many California Roots rosés that can fit in my cart. If you end up trying this wine, let your girl know in the comments below and in the meantime, check out the recipe I came up with using California Roots Rosé.

What You'll Need

California Roots Rosé
Hendrick's Gin (or whichever brand you prefer)
Sprite (or any other lemon-lime soda)
Fresh or frozen strawberries


1 OZ Hendrick's Gine
1/2 C California Roots Rosé
A splash of Sprite 
(you can substitute Sprite for sparkling water for fewer calories and less sugar)
Add chopped strawberries into your drink to taste

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