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Scripting: Manifest Anything You Want Just By Writing It Down

Have you ever wanted something to happen so so badly, you wrote it down?

We've all been there! Imagining ourselves in a relationship with our crush so we write down that person's name, or having such a vivid picture of our dream job, we end up changing our career information on LinkedIn and Facebook. You may not be doing this consciously but these small actions end up yielding amazing results.

Your crush contacts you and you end up in the job you've always imagined yourself in, but how? Simple, the things you desire will always come true if you script and manifest as if.


Scripting is fairly simple. It's basically when you write your wishes down, exactly how you want them to happen. It's very similar to having a vision board but instead of finding photos of the things you want to manifest, you write it down in a journal (or on your phone) with excruciating detail. 

So if you want to manifest your dream job, don't just write "I hope to get my dream job" or "I will get my dream job." Go a little deeper and write the company you hope to work for, what your coworkers will be like, what the company culture is like, how long your commute is, what the parking situation is like, etc. 

This may seem a little extreme, but writing down all those details will give the universe a clear picture of what it is you want and it'll bring you that much closer to the thing you want to manifest. Remember the saying "be careful what you wish for"? The universe takes cues from every word that comes out of your mouth or your pen, so be as clear as you possibly can. 

Manifesting As If

Manifesting as if isn't wishing for things like if you were Cher from Clueless, it's more so wishing for things as if they've already come true. So let's use the dream job example again.

When scripting, instead of jotting things down like: "my dream job would be at X company. My coworkers will be like X. My commute will be X minutes long, and my dream company culture is X," you'll write: "I'm loving my new job at X doing X thing. My coworkers are amazing because of X. My commute is X minutes long, and the company culture is X."

The idea is to play a childhood game of pretend and pretend the things you want, have already come to fruition.

You may feel a little silly manifesting what you truly desire as if, but it's effective! This technique not only helps change your perspective on things but will help the universe get you closer to where you want to be. 

If you end up trying these manifestation techniques, let your girl know below!

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