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A Bag For Every Occasion This Spring

If you've opened up your Instagram account in the last year, you've probably seen a fashion enthusiast, or two, pose with some very eccentric purses.

This phenomenon is known as the natural bag trend — with many material variations — and I hope it never goes away.

These natural looking bags are casual enough to be worn on the daily basis but special enough that you probably won't want to. After all, you don't want your bag to get ruined, right? The thing about these fabulous bags is, they can kinda be on the pricey side — depending on where you purchase them — so what is a frugal fashionista to do?

Simple, you check out the list below with my favorite affordable straw/natural bags.

The Big Straw Tote

OK, this bag is everything! Not only was it $25 at Love Culture but it's versatile enough to be worn to the beach, pool, while traveling, to brunch, for OOTDs. I meeeeeean, there's quite literally no place you can't wear this bag and that price point really can't be beaten.

The bag in my photo is currently sold out, so I've linked a V similar one that happens to be a few dollars cheaper. You can thank me later.

The Natural Shopping Tote

Now I'm not really sure where the trend of using a grocery tote as a purse came from, but I'm really not mad at it. The tote pictured above I ordered on Amazon, and it set me back a whopping $6.99!!! I know, I too am still shook on how affordable this bag was.

I haven't actually worn it, aside from using it in some pictures, but if you end up getting this bag, make sure to have your important belongings in a safe little bag. You wouldn't want to lose something. Also, Forever21 has a similar bag for a few bucks cheaper. 

The Outlasting Bucket Bag

Bucket bags always come back in style and Spring 2018 is no exception. Many brands carry bucket bags in different sizes, colors, and materials but come on, there's nothing like a really nice white bucket bag. 

The bag pictured above was only $22 at Forever21 and if you consider buying it, you should know it's on the smaller side so don't over do it!

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