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The Shoes Every Fashion Girl Needs In Her Closet This Spring/Summer

Shoes are God, Goddess and the Universe's way of telling us they care! Thank you higher beings for creating the person who invented shoes.
What started off as a useful tool to make sure we don't f*ck up our feet while trekking long distances, has become one of fashions favorite accessories and as Spring approaches, you're probably looking for new shoes to add to your collection.

I thought it would be fun — and useful — to make a list of the shoes every style kween needs in her closet for this Spring and Summer 2018. I hope you all enjoy my suggestions and if you buy any of the shoes on this list, or inspired by this list, let me know by commenting below or on my IG page.

Colorful Mules

Did you guys think I was going to make a list of must-have shoes without mentioning the mule? Let's be real, an open-toe colorful mule is perfect for any occasion that might arise during the Spring and Summer months.

Wear these colorful patent mules with a flowy sundress, a tapered denim pant and a crisp white top, or honestly, however the hell you want because mules pair well with just about anything!

Get these mules here.

Caged Sandals

These sandals give you the best of both worlds. If you want to rock them to the beach or any water-related activity, you can because your feet can totally breathe in these. But you can also wear your caged sandals at a boozy brunch, to the mall, heck the limit to the places you can wear them, does not exist!

Buy them here

Chanel Dupes

If you're a woman of a certain pay grade, Chanel anything is probably out of the question. Listen, no one knows that struggle better than me but it doesn't mean you can't be inspired by the iconic fashion house. 

These mid-heels are great for the office or any activity that requires you to dress up a bit. And the best part of these heels is, they aren't very tall so you'll be able to strut your stuff all night without seeing stars. 

Buy them here

Pointy Slingbacks

OK, can you guys tell I'm into mid-heels right now? Words cannot describe how beautiful these shoes are. They seem to be inspired by the flawless Dior slingbacks we all saw all over our IG timelines not so long ago. 

To me, these are great date shoes because they're elegant enough for a fancy dinner but comfy enough for bar-hopping. They're so GORGEOUS I CAN'T DEAL!

Find these beauties here

White Mules

Yes, I'm back at it again with the mules but this time, it's a little different because we're talking about the shoe color of the moment. White shoes are just about everywhere right now and they bring a touch of freshness to just about any look. 

Honestly, get these now and wear them everywhere!

Get them here

Stylish Sneakers

You guys didn't think I was going to make a list of must-have footwear without mentioning sneakers right? The Nike Cortez is such a classic and for Spring/Summer 2018 we have this red, white and blue style which is honestly a breath of patriotic fresh air. 

These would obviously be great on the fourth of July but why limit these shoes potential to only one day? Wear these to brunch, to the mall, on a date, to family gatherings, and if styled correctly, wear these to the bar!

Find them here

Hope you guys enjoyed my suggestions and I hope to see some OOTD's with shoes inspired by this list!

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