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The 17 Second Rule Promises To Make You Happier

Do you have 17 seconds?

I know it's kind of a silly question because there are 24 hours in a day, so of course, we ALL have 17 seconds to spare. But we get so caught up with work, family, friends, significant others and everything else that goes on in our lives, we sometimes forget to give ourselves time to just be!

If you've been feeling down, weird, or just want to bring some good juju into your life, all you need is 17 seconds. I bet you're wondering, "how exactly are 17 seconds gonna do anything for my life?" Well, I'm glad you ask! According to Abraham-Hicks — the writer and author of Law Of Attraction — all you need is 17 seconds to manifest the things you want and unravel a landslide of positivity into your life.

Are you ready to be happy and have all your dreams come true, here is how you do it!

Choose A Block Of Time You Know You Won't Be Interrupted

To get started with your 17 seconds to happiness, make sure you choose a moment in your day you know you'll be alone and won't be interrupted. This can be while you're in your car commuting to work, sitting on the porcelain throne, walking somewhere, or (my personal favorite) before you've even gotten up out of bed. 

It's important that your space is quiet during your 17 seconds of manifestation because you really want to immerse yourself in what you're thinking about, that way you can actually push yourself to make what you desire, come true. 

Be Laser-Focused On What It Is That You Want

If your desire is to find a new gig, new love, travel the world or start a business, be as specific as you can with your thinking down to the tiny details. If it's a new job your desire, visualize yourself walking into your office, wearing the perfect outfit, and create a mantra about the job title you want. 

If you want a new love, imagine what that person looks, smells and talks like. The magic is in the detail. Once you have the details of what you want in mind, set the timer on your phone for 17 seconds and get to thinking. 

Turn Your 17 Seconds Into 68 Seconds

You'll very quickly see that 17 seconds isn't enough to do all of the thinking you need, and you have a trillion more positive thoughts behind your original thought. So, now you set your timer for another 17 seconds, and then another and then another until you've thought about that thing you so desire for about 68 seconds. Make sure you drain out any negative thought that might pop-up while you're visualizing what it is that you want. 

Remember, our thoughts and emotions (both negative and positive) are vibrational, the universe then takes a cue from what we're thinking and feeling, and give us the same thing in return. Haven't you noticed that when you're having a bad day, and you get all grumpy and testy, more annoying inconveniences come your way? That's because you're attracting negative energy with your negative attitude.  

We're so OK with being cynical, sarcastic and negative, we often times forget there IS good in the world and good CAN come to you, you just have to want it bad enough. 

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