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How To Stay Motivated When You Rather Just Binge-Watch TV

Motivation is an interesting concept.

When we're really excited about something, we live, eat and breathe that thing but when it's something we have to do, we set it aside, ignore it, and find every excuse not to get it done. So how can you push yourself to consistently do those things you really don't want to do? Check out some tips below.

Keep A List Of Your Goals

Make a list either in your phone, planner or on a vision board, of all the goals you want to accomplish. If you want to hit the gym consistently, write it down. If you want to become debt-free, put it on your vision board. If you want to start a business, keep it in the notes on your phone. 

Writing your goals down helps you keep those things in mind and as a result, you'll likely work harder toward achieving those goals. Rewriting them every so often can also help you reaffirm what your goals are, so if you have to tat it on your forearm, DO IT (with henna!).

Keep Track Of Your Milestones

Make sure you keep a calendar or just jot down, the milestones you've reached from the time you gave yourself that goal. Little milestones might not seem like a big deal in the moment but once you look back at those 20 pounds you lost or all the debt you've gotten rid of, you're going to see how amazing you feel. 

Every little accomplishment counts, don't be so hard on yourself. 

Treat Yourself After Every Milestone

Listen, we're only human so reward yourself after every milestone like if you were in elementary school. For every five pounds lost, give yourself an awesome cheat meal. For every extra point, you've added to your credit score, buy yourself something cute. 

Remember how excited we'd get in childhood when we received a sticker or a certificate after every A+? As adults, we're not very different, so treat yo self after every milestone, and you'll see just how motivated you'll become!

Don't Beat Yourself Up

Everything and anything worth having takes time! Don't beat yourself up, or worse, give up because the goal you're trying to achieve seems unattainable. Odds are, you're just overwhelmed so take a little self-care time, get yourself together, and keep on keeping on. Once you've reached your goal, you'll see that all the pain, sweat and tears were well worth the pain.

Staying motivated can be difficult but it isn't impossible, YOU CAN DO IT!

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