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How Changing Your Mindset Can Change Your Life In 2018

February is finally here and many of us — me included — are using this second month of 2018 as a fresh start. January was a long and often times annoying month and February is definitely it's cooler younger sibling.

Aside from being the shortest month of the year, February is granting us an opportunity to start on the projects, exercise routines, and other journey's we may have wanted to tackle in January but were too busy harping on other things, to do.

So how exactly can you finally get started on that bullet journal you've had on your desk for months, or that Whole30 diet you said you were finally gonna try? Well, all you really have to do is change your mindset! I know, it's easier said than done but it is possible. Adopting a more positive outlook on life can change your situation and below I've laid out some tips for changing the way you react to life and it's multitude of curveballs.

Change Your Vocabulary

No, I don't mean for you to pick out a new word in the dictionary every day and use it in a sentence (even though, if that's what you want to do, I'm totally here for it). I mean, change the way you talk about your circumstances!

For example, if your goal this month is to do some sort of workout three times a week, don't say "I really want to work out this week," because instead of asserting you're actually going to do the thing you've been wanting to do, you're passively hoping you'll make the time for it. 

And let's be real, by saying things like "I hope" and "I wish" you're wishing magical fairies come from the sky and do that Pilate's class in your honor, instead of you getting off your butt and making the time to do so yourself. So, if you really want to workout, say "This week, I WILL workout three times!" Declare what you want, make it a fact and watch how quickly it will actually come to fruition. 

Surround Yourself With Positive People

This is another thing that is easier said than done but if your BFFs, boyfriend, girlfriend and family members are all really negative, it's easy to get stuck in a negative mindset. I'm not suggesting you pull a Miley and emancipate from your family, or break up with the love of your life, but try to surround yourself with people who also want to adopt, or have already adopted, a positive mindset. 

How can you do this? You can start by watching Ted Talks of people who have changed their mindset or watch videos on YouTube about topics like the Law Of Attraction. It may sound weird but by doing this, you're surrounding yourself with positive energy, even if it is virtually and this will eventually help make you, and those around you, a little more positive. 

Organize Your Space

This piece of advice is coming from the messiest person on planet Earth but if you want to let positive energy into your life, you have to organize the space around you. This is something I struggle with on the daily basis and will probably struggle with it for the rest of my life but I try (even if I'm not that good at it) to keep my space as organized as possible. 

If you're feeling down or stuck or just plain off, make your bed, organize your vanity, and get rid of some of those things you no longer wear. You'll see how those small changes will make a big impact on how good you feel. 

Let's change our mindset in 2018 and you'll see how everything will fall into place!

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