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Yes I’m Wearing A Rolling Stones Tee And Don’t Listen To Their Music! What’s It To You?

If you can’t tell by now, I’m someone who’s pretty into fashion. I don’t really fear taking a style risk, so long as I’m happy with my decision, but people being how they are, always seem to have something to say.

This brings me to my next topic of discussion: band-tees and why it matters if I wear a t-shirt of a band I don’t listen to.

Recently on SnapChat, one of my favorite YouTubers Lustrelux (Katy), spoke about how annoying it is when people ask her if she listens to the music of the band on her t-shirts.

She went on to say that if the shirt is comfortable, and she likes it, she's going to wear it. She also doesn’t appreciate the awkward convo that comes from asking her about her tee. And guess what? I agree so hard!

Ready for my rant?

Listen, I’m a fast-fashion shopper who can’t ignore an edgy graphic tee. If I see a grungy rock t-shirt of a band I’ve never heard of, odds are I’m gonna buy it cause it’s cheap and it’ll pair nicely with my thrifted mom jeans okay?!

No, I don’t listen to the Rolling Stones, Metallica, or ACDC. Yes, I’m wearing a t-shirt repping that/these band/s. No, IDGAF about your opinion because I bought the shirt with my money, but if you intend on giving me a wardrobe stipend to only wear bands I listen to, then please contact me.

The point here is not to slam you about asking folks about their fashion choices, it’s don’t ask condescending questions to make people look bad!

Let folks wear whatever the fuck they want to wear, and let that be it!

Thanks and have a great day.

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