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The Anti-Fashion Trends You Need To Leave In 2016 Article

The New Year is only a couple of days away, which means new year new you right? Wrong!

It’ll be the same you pretending to be a new person for a few days, until you realize you owe no explanation to anyone, and you’ll make changes to your life when you damn well please. 

Which brings me to my next point, in the weeks leading up to the New Year I’ve encountered countless articles saying: “leave these trends behind in 2016” and I think they're lame AF. 

First things first, fashion is subjective people! Deal with it. 

Yes, there are certain trends that appeal to a larger audience which are deemed “fashionable,” and other trends that are more acquired which are considered “eclectic” or sometimes even tacky, but what’s stylish to me may not be for you… and that’s okay!

Many of these lists are telling their audience to leave chokers, lace-up tops, furry slides, and off-the shoulder tops in 2016, among other trends we all love. 

Here’s what I say to them:

Wear whatever the fuck you want in 2017! If that means wearing “out-of-season” trends so be it. All that matters is that you feel fabulous and beautiful in your outfit. 

I plan on wearing an OOTD made up of a choker, lace-up top, furry slides and mom jeans on NYE, who's with me??

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