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Viva Mexico!!

Como estan my beautiful frugal pretties. Last week I spent five magnificent days in Cancun, Mexico. It truly exceeded my expectations and if you haven't been go now!! Lol anywhooooo, I packed pretty lightly so I was kinda shocked with all of the outfits I was able to come up with. Keep reading to see some of my favorites outfits and their frugal details.

This dress I purchased in Forever21 for about $15.00 my favorite part was of course the pineapples!

The dainty little sweater are my waist I bought at HM on sale for $5.00 it really came in handy at the freezing airport.

These are my total faves. I bought these a few months back at W shoes for $30.00

In total this comfy yet tropical outfit came out to a total of $50.00!!!

 This necklace I ordered on F21 online for $6.80 

My mom gifted me this dress. She bought it at Ross for about $15.00

Yes I wore them again, no I don't care! Lol

This angelic little number came out to a total of $51.00

• This crochet top I bought at Marshall's and I believe I cost $14

• Another one of my mothers fabulous purchases. These shorts were $12.00 at Ross.

• These little flippies were $6.80 at of course F21

Lets not forget this white suit which I ordered on Missguided for $37.78, making this one my higher priced pieces but it was totally worth it!!

This entire look came out to $70 again not my frugalist but one of my favorites.

As you can see, I was really into white on this trip. 

• F21 $10.80, I've linked a similar option.

These are retro F21, I bought them a few years back but I must say they never disappoint. They were about $12.00. 

F21 $6.80

This outfit was only $29.00!!

 This suit I ordered on, it's marketed at a bodysuit but I made it multipurpose! It was $32.97, they no longer have it available, so I will link a similar option.

These pants I bought at Discovery clothing and they were $10.00, I've attached a similar option.

From F21 for $6.80

This entire outfits was achieved for under $50.00.

All in all I must say Mexico was a successful trip. All my outfits show how you can pack light, spend very little, and still look fabulous. One more thing, don't be afraid to repeat certain articles in your wardrobe. The idea is to wear the same thing different ways, if you do that no one will be the wiser! 

Hasta Luego beauties! 

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