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Mercedes Benz Swim Week!

Hello my pretty penny pinchers!!!! As you all may be aware, this past weekend was one of the best weekends of my life! I was able to spend a few days at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week (end). I was given the opportunity to conduct back stage interviews to a few of the designers participating. Just to name a few, I interviewed the designer of Suboo, 6 shore road, and Gottex! They were all amazing and of course I couldn't disappoint with my looks for the fashionable soirée. Keep reading to see my outfits and how I was able to do it all for a reasonable price.

For Fridays look, I wanted to feel pretty, light and airy. I went with an all pinky-nudish little number. 

These necklaces as I have mentioned in previous posts, were a gift to me from my mother. I'm not sure how much they cost, but I will link a similar option.

This jumpsuit I ordered a few months back on missguided. This pretty little number was on sale for $25.18.

I'll average the necklaces at about 12 bucks a piece and with the jumper being $25.18, this entire look came out to a total of $49.18. 

For Sundays look I wanted to go totally different from Fridays pink nudey feel. I went a little Lacey and a lot grunge. 

This necklace I orderd from Forever 21. It went perfectly with my all black look and I paid $6.80 for it.

The bodysuit I wore I ordered on for $16.50. 

I ended up throwing a pair of shorts over the bodysuit because my toosh was just way too exposed. These shorties were $3.80 at the crowd fave

My beautiful lace skirt was also purchased on for $33.00. This was honestly a crowd favorite!

These boots are oldies but goodies and they never let me down. I got them a while ago at Burlington Coat Factory for $30. 

To pull this girly grungy look together I spent a total of $90. Now this isn't one of my most affordable looks, but it was sure worth it. I got tons of compliments and was even featured on with my picture taken by Raquel Zaldivar. All in all I'd say it was a pretty successful weekend! Tah tah my lovahsss!

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