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Don't be tardy for a kids party!

Happy Memorial Day my pretty frugalistas. I hope you've enjoyed the heck out of this long and fabulous weekend. If you follow me on Instagram or on Facebook, you saw my outfit post from last weekend where I had an easy daytime look which was loosely inspired by Kylie Jenner. Please keep reading below to see outfit comparisons and how I did it all in Frugalista fashion.

Kylie's ensemble:

Kylie's outfit is so fierce and very rock and roll. She wore this look during the coachella music festival. Once I saw it, I knew I had to recreate it; however my price point would have to be much lower. Not only that, but I was also going to use her outfit as an inspiration and twist it so the look would be more my style.

Brenda's ensemble: 

For my look, I worked with what I had laying around in my closet and made the look more toddler party friendly. The only thing I added was the wide-rim fedora which I purchased last minute and it definitely helped pull my Kylie inspired look together. 

Hat: Target $15.00
Necklace: H&M $10.00
Top: Forever21 $11.00
Shorts: Forever21 $25.00
Boots: Burlington Coat Factory $30.00

I was able to put this entire look together with less than $95.00 and I thought it looked chic/trendy. Remember fashion is not about price and labels, it's about style and expression. 

Stay tuned this week for my memorial weekend style! Adios lovers!

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