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Birthday Outfit Breakdown

Hello my pretties!!! Being that yesterday was the day of my (and my sisters) birth, we took the day for a fancy lunch. For those who weren't aware, yesterday was also Valentines day, big whoop. I do love the whole red and pink thing, but yesterday I wasn't really feeling it. I took my outfit yesterday to pay homage to our canceled trip to the Middle East. 

I was also inspired by an ensemble I saw Kourtney Kardashian wear on an episode on KUWTK. Please see outfit comparisons and breakdown belowwww!

Kourtneys outfit was perfectly fabulous. When I first saw it, it stayed tattooed in my fashion memory. However her ensemble's price tag probably rounded out in the thousands! Mine however was super cheap and just as chic. 

Headwear: A fab yet inexpensive turban I ordered on Amazon.

Necklace: Gold choker from H&M

Dress: Fun print shift dress from Marshall's.

Shoes: Sexy strappy red sandals from Lulus.

All together my entire look came out to a whopping $53, probably the price of Kourtneys lipstick! Ain't no shame in my Frugalista game. 

Stay tuned for more birthday weekend looks and thank you to all who took the time and wished me a happy birthday! Bisous!!!

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