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The truth about shapewear!

Hello my beautiful frugalistas, hope you're all enjoying the heck out of this almost ending January. After a long holiday season of eating, drinking, eating, eating and eating, I noticed my usage of shapewear increase by 1000%. I have always owned shapewear, but never appreciated it until now. It's pretty wild, but those tiny little skin colored tights can really bring an ensemble together.

Is shapewear really for everyone?

Is BeyoncĂ© the most amazing artist in humanity? If you answered yes to the previous question you're in luck, there is a piece of shapewear designed specially for you! Through out my many years of life, I've been exposed to my fair share of fashion crimes (also committing my own) and surprisingly a lot of it is caused by the wrong undergarment. Whether you're  rail thin, super fit, or curvaceous you should own and wear a snug modern-day girdle. 

Which style of shapewear is best for me?

The style of shapewear that each gal wears depends on what her problem area is, and what articles of clothing she might put on. Speaking on behalf of my bottom heavy constituents, I tend to gear toward anything that slims my thighs and lifts my toosh. For my girls who may be suffering from cupcake top, try to find shapewear that is focused on waist slimming. For those lovelies who may have extra boobage, try finding shapewear that will support the "girls," while taking some strain off your back. The purpose is to look great and feel great in everything you wear girrrrl!

Where can I buy shapewear?

Where can't you buy shapewear??? Personally, I've found good shapewear in the craziest of places for the most impressive prices. One of my fave shops to buy good and cheap shapewear is Ross. Though the aisle may be a bit messy, be patient and look through the racks you'll be sure to find what you need. Two other places where I have found great high end shapewear for fabulous prices are Burlington Coat Factory and Marshalls. Last but not least, my favorite place to find super cheap and amazing shapewear is Atlantic Hosiery in Miami, FL. This factory store is a hidden gem and you can find all of you underwear needs under one roof. You're welcome!!! 

Hope my insight on shapewear helped. And don't forget, the most gratifying part about wearing them is taking it off at the end of the night! 

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