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Let the world inspire you!

Hello beautiful frugalistas! I was gone for a minute, now I'm back at the jump off. In the wise words of Lil Kim. Anywho, for my next piece I thought I'd give my lovely readers some insight and inspiration. Fashion is everywhere and anywhere you look. One just needs to expand the mind and open to it.

Is the world really your fashion oyster? 

The answer to the above question is heck yassss! Let the world serve as your inspiration. I personally admire and try to emulate wild older woman and their fashion sense. For example my lovely grandmother loves gold jewelry and cool funky moomoos. Slap on a pair of wedges and synch your waist with a darling belt, and you've got your self a vintage 70s inspired look. 

Can I be inspired by cartoon characters?

Absofreakinlutely. Remember there are no rules, fashion is about expression. So if you like the ensemble on your favorite cartoon character, get inspired by it. Make it yours and don't worry about what anyone has to say about it. 

Can musical lyrics serve as my fashion inspo?

Of course it can! "Blue jeans, white shirt Walked into the room you know you made my eyes burn." Lana Del Rey. "Soon as you saw me, turned on by how the dress was fitting right Short and backless see my silhouette in the moonlight." Beyonce. "It was an Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka Dot Bikini that she wore for the first time today." Bobby Darin. I think you guys get the gist, be inspired by music, it is a lovely art form that can help make our outfit fierce darling.

Be guided by the world around you, be inspired, be fashionable, and most important be frugal!!! Besossssss.

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