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Tricks to the Frugalista Trade!

As a young girl, I couldn't really appreciate the beauty behind discount stores, sale sections, and coupons. I’d make my mother buy me things full price at department stores, because I was afraid to tell my friends and peers that I bought wardrobe essentials at a discount store. My mother always told me that once I started making my own money I would appreciate the value of a dollar, and boyyyy was she right. Nowadays, I can’t bear the thought of paying “full price for fabulous,” in the wise words of one of my favorite discount stores Marshalls.

Here are some tricks to the Frugalista trade:
      When in department stores or boutiques, don’t  be afraid of the sales or clearance section
So, sales sections are your friends live it, learn it, love it! Many people are afraid of the mysterious sales sections because they tend to be a bit messy, don’t let that intimidate you. There are always wonderful hidden treasures; all you need is patience and an open mind!

      Discount stores are all about location location LOCATION!
My fellow Frugalistas places like Ross, Marshalls, and Tjmaxx almost always carry the same thing department stores carry at more sensible prices. From my years as a Frugalista, I've found the places like these are all about location and the newer the store the better. Before going out for a frugal hunt, do your research and find out if new stores are being opened (new stores look less like a hurricane hit them). Also find out what city it is located in, for example I am in love with the Marshalls in Sunny Isle, FL, they always have very high end things at great prices.

      Not so extreme couponing
Whether you are using your credit card online or in store, don’t shy away from couponing. These majestic little groups of numbers and letters almost always make your bank account less drab. A great tip is to always join the free reward programs that different stores offer (I know I have like a zillion of those little cards on my key chain!) Also signing up for email newsletters that stores have, even though sometimes the spam your inbox, most times they offer great online and in store coupons just for being an email recipient.

Hopefully my little tips and tricks work for you all in the meantime I have to get now lovelies, I have retail therapy to attend. One time for my Frugalistas! Tah Tah.

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