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Rituals, rituals, rituals...

Hello beauties!!! For my last post of 2013 I won't be addressing any fashion faux pas or giving you frugal ideas for ensembles on this NYE. If you're Latin like me or come from a crazy family (like me), you know that on this day we have many rituals to ring in the new year. Below are some ideas that are fun to do and will help bring you what you desire on this upcoming 2014!

Make a list of the things you greatly desire and a list of things you need to work on within yourself. Keep the list somewhere that will always be near you, like your wallet, your binder, or frame it and put it near your bed. Of course always remember, the list is there to remind you of what you want to accomplish. If you don't work, it won't work! 

If you've gotten lazy these past few months and haven't really taken the time to pamper yourself, STOP! Put the phone down and get er done. Fix your hair, pluck those brows, wax that stache, and polish those nails. Wait for the New Year looking like your best self, that way oodles of positivity will dawn upon you at the stroke of midnight. 

They say that the color of a woman's undergarment usually reveals her true desire. So, for this fun and crazy night wait for 2014 with underwear that mirrors what you want for the new year. Wear green knickers if you want to attract wealth and prosperity. Red knickers are for my lovelies who want more passion and excitement. Lastly for my girls who seek peace, clarity, and harmony go for white undies!!

Happy new year to you all, hope you guys have a fun and safe night!!! Muahhhhh! 

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