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Dress your shape!

Bonjour Frugalistas, I hope all of you had a wonderful Christmas and are enjoying your winter solstice. With New Years quickly approaching and gaggles of gals going off to buy their fab NYE wardrobe, I thought I'd bring light to a serious issue affecting hundreds of woman on the daily.

Dressing ones body seems simple enough, you go to your favorite store buy what you think is "cute" and wear it, right? WRONG!! One thing to always keep in mind is just because it is in the store and on sale does not mean that you should wear it. A woman should always remember that she should dress according to her figure.

Hourglass: For my ladies lucky enough to have this Kardashian-esque shape there is very little you can't wear. For you the most important thing to remember is to always accentuate that killer waist yo momma (or surgeon) gave you.

Inverted Triangle: My girls with the inverted triangle body shape always keep in mind that A-line is your friend. Be it a dress or a skirt make sure what you wear pulls away from your body so you appear to be more proportioned. 

Rectangle: You beauties with a rectangle shape body normally have an athletic build, like the beautiful Kate Hudson. Try something long and formfitting and play up your statue like figure.

Pear: Almost everything looks good on you my pear shaped honey, so wear what you feel best in!

Apple: And last but not least, my apple shaped ladies asymmetrical styles were made for you. Play up those sexy shoulders!

Hope these little tips helped, and always keep in mind DRESS YOUR SHAPE!

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